The black truffle, fruit from the interior of the earth, has a magnificient culinary value which comes from exquisite aroma and pleasant taste. A mysterious fungus which from the past has awaken the curiosity of sybarites and experts. And currently, it can be found more usually in houses, being not only an ingredient for haute cuisine.

Trusens is a family run business dedicated to truffle farming. With us you have the security to acquire the real black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum). Moreover you will enjoy it recently picked from the land and under the security of a Sanitary Register

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13 Feb 2017 13:13 - Trusens
Trufforum y Mercados de Trufa fresca

Grandes eventos en plena campaña trufera

Terminamos un fin de semana repleto de eventos para la difusión de la Trufa Negra.

Este pasado domingo 12 de Febrero nos dimos cita en la [ ... ]

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